Pumice Powder Beauty Products

Now, what exactly are lava fines? Our lava is a highly porous rock that is formed after a volanic eruption. Specifically, lava fines is the aggregate of pumice and are fine grain particles just like sand. However, unlike sand, our lava has a specific zig zag texture that is so unique which creates the perfect exfoliation substance.

Lava Fines are used for a lot of things: 

* Exfoliating scrubs, creams, and soaps 

* Cleaning materials to remove dirty surfaces 

* Pollisihing metal surfaces 

* Soften fabrics 

* Clean and whiten teeth

The abrasive nature of our lava makes it safe and good to apply on your skin. When combined with the right ingredients, lava fines are perfect for removing grease, grime, dirt, blackheads, dead skin cells, pores, scars, and just about anything you can think of. Just be careful not to rub your skin against just any type of lava rock because it can cause damage to your skin. Be sure to use a product that has a good ratio of lava fines to other ingredients. 



This makes the quality of the lava extremely important when looking at any lava fines or pumice powder product. We want to know what we are getting and where we are getting it from. That is why LavaMe is proud to share with everyone where we get our lava fines from. LavaMe is powered by lava fines sourced from our private volcano in Quesnel, BC. The quality lava and substances that are sourced from the volcano are incredibly clean and requires minimal processing or crushing to identify the specification. The mine is on land that is so natural that there are places where no human being has never walked on before. Imagine how special your skin must feel to be treated with product that contain substances that were sustainably extracted and sourced just for you.  

Experts in the lava mining industry has hand-selected ingredients to create organic beauty products with quality that reflects these ingredients. When it comes to lava, leave it to us.