Lava Powered

Every LavaMe treasure is powered with Lava fines sustainably sourced from our volcano in Quesnel, BC. We source, process, then combine the lava with other quality ingredients and oils. 

Is Lava bad for your skin? 

The answer is quite simple. No, lava fines are not bad for your skin. Instead, lava fines are GOOD for your skin. There are a ton of benefits for your skin when using lava fines as a skin care agent. 

  • Lava is pure and organic
  • Lava fines are perfect for exfoliating 
  • Lava helps reduce acne 
  • Lava clears pores and balances the skin

There has been a lot of interest in the beauty industry regarding using lava as an exfoliating agent but we have taken this one step further because we get asked... 

Does exfoliating Lava damage your skin? 

The first time you use any LavaMe product, you might be surprised when you feel little bits of black minerals. Not only do you get to see the lava fines that power your LavaMe treasure, but you can choose how strong you want it. During production, we have complete control over the size of the lava fines. That is why each treasure has a slightly different size to it and you can find the LavaMe treasure that is perfect for your skin type and season. 



Are you ready to treat your skin with the lava that it deserves?