LavaMe Fines Processed Specifically for each Skin Tone

Each LavaMe Treasure is carefully crafted with different sized lava fines. We sustainably source and process our lava in perfect sizes - delivering specific benefits for each skin type. Explore what each lava fine does for your skin. 

Explore LavaMe Exfoliating Levels 

Which "LavaMe Exfoliating Level" is perfect for you? 

Lava Fines Grits

Is Lava good for your skin? 

Can't decide what type of lava to use for your skin? Start by defining your skin type. The beautiful thing about LavaMe is that you can exfoliate everyday because the lava fines are so fine. Use LavaMe to redefine how you clean your skin. 

Light Level LavaMe

Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, 63B fines are the smallest and finest lava fines that can be found in our LavaMe treasures. If you have sensitive and naturally dry skin or if the weather is causing your skin to be extra dry, try using this exfoliating level for your everyday soap. 

Mild Level LavaMe

If you are not sure where to start, start here. Perfect for everyday use for any type of skin. This exfoliating level is especially perfect for those with balanced skin and want to improve their everyday skincare routine. 

Strong Level LavaMe

Don't be scared to hear that this is the strongest and largest lava fine in our LavaMe treasures. The mighty 230B fines are perfect for clearing pores on oily skin. For those with dry or naturaly balanced skin, try using this exfoliating level 2 to 3 times per week. 


Have you decided which LavaMe Exfoliating Level is perfect for you?