About Us

About LavaMe

Headquartered in Langley, BC, we deliver Organic and Sustainable Skin Care products using local ingredients across North America. Every product at LavaMe has one thing in common. They all contain lava sourced from our volcano in Quesnel, BC. The lava fines gets rid of dirt, grime, grease, and cleans pores so well that you will wonder what chemicals are used. Our answer is very clear. There are No Chemicals in any of our products.

Meet our volcano: 

CanLava Mine

Commitment to Sustainability 

LavaMe was founded with one major goal in mind. To deliver environmentally safe, organic, and sustainably sourced products to consumers. That starts from our "one-of-a-kind" sustainably sourced lava fines - the perfect exfoliation agent and ends with our sustainable packaging methods.

We are passionate about our lava and the endless possibilities that it delivers.