LavaMe Soap

LavaMe Soap is an Organic and Natural Skin Product perfect for those who want to keep their skin young and fresh. The luxurious combination of natural oils and organic lava fines keeps your skin lush, smooth, and healthy.

Exfoliating Soap

We want to be gentle with our skin which is why the fine lava grains in each bar of soap serves as the perfect exfoliation ingredient to clear your skin of dead skin cells, black heads, and clogged pores. We sustainably source, then process the lava to become the perfect size that won't damage your skin while getting rid of any unnecessary oils and dirt.

Therapeutic Scent

LavaMe comes in various different scents and types so that you can choose the one that is perfect for your skin type and preference to match your mood. Varying from skin that is naturally oily to naturally dry, you want to make sure that you use the type of soap that is right for you.

Organic and Natural Soap 

Sodium Palmate (Palm), Sodiumm Cocoate (Cocount), Sodium Olivate (Olive), Sodium Hemp Seedate (Hemp), Sodium Sunflower Seedate (Sunflower), Sodium Shea Buterate (Shea Butter), Naturally Occuring Glycerin 

to name a few are some of the organic and sustainably sourced ingredients used to craft LavaMe Soap. These ingredients are the perfect combination of minerals used to soften and smooth skin for any skin type. 


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